The Sellbot Factory is a Cog facility in Sellbot HQ. Toons can complete factories to receive Sellbot cog suit parts or earn Merits toward their next promotion. Inside of the facility Toons will find groups of Sellbots, obstacles, goons and barrels for Toons to restock gags, jellybeans or laff. A group of up to four Toons can enter the elevator or form a boarding group. There are two entrances to the Sellbot Factory: the Front Entrance and the Side Entrance. The Cogs in the Sellbot Factory range from level 4 to level 11.
Old factory map

Map of the Cog Levels in the Sellbot Factory in Toontown Infinite. They are the same levels of when Sellbot HQ before they were nerfed sometime in 2005. They are now back for TTI.


A battle on East Silo.

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